The Danforth Adult Care Response to COVID-19


Choosing the right care for a friend or family member can be demanding.
Making the right choice for a loved one can be a comfort.

The Danforth Adult Care Center is dedicated to meeting the changing needs of adults in our community. Our philosophy is to provide all of our clients with a home-like and caring environment, creating familiarity and a sense of security. The Danforth’s skilled, caring professionals meet regularly with residents, day clients and their families to discuss each individual’s plan of care, interests, and needs. We encourage everyone at the Danforth community to express their thoughts, ideas, and concerns through our resident council.

The newly expanded Adult Day Service program offers a wide range of services for adults who may not need residential care, but desire social interaction or need assistance with some daily tasks such as transportation, bathing, grooming, nutritional and medication management. We invite you to tour our facility and see the quality of care provided to our residents.



Heather Merrills


Heather began with The Danforth in 1995 as an aide. During the past 23 years, Heather has grown, learned, advanced, and become very expert at designing care and providing leadership in high quality care and services.


Heather has also developed strong reliability:

reliability to employees,

reliability to our Danforth family,

reliability to their families as well.


Jill Nolan

Director of Nursing

Jill Nolan (licensed RN) has been with The Danforth since 2000. Her 18 years at The Danforth have embraced the values of consistent and compassionate commitment to exceptional care.


Jill’s constant communication with family doctors, staff nursing, and our residents themselves, keeps her advised and aware of each resident’s health.


Our Danforth family entrusts their health and well being to us, Jill ensures that that trust is always upheld in the highest quality care.


Danielle Holbrook

Adult Care Case Manager

Danielle Holbrook (licensed LPN) has been committed to our resident’s care since 2012. She anticipates our family’s needs and provides attention that respects and honors their dignity and independence.


Danielle is focused on providing health care directly, and through her nursing staff, that keeps our family healthy, comfortable, and vibrant.


Teresa Dunlop

Activities Director

Teresa Dunlop has been directing resident activities for over 17 years.  As Activities Director, Teresa and
her staff design activities and events to promote health and happy spirits.


Whether directing a “chair aerobics” class, or serving “dirt cake” on Ground Hog Day, Teresa is
committed to providing as much, or as little action as our family wants.  She not only works daily
with the residents, she also coordinates with younger students from surrounding schools to provide
special inter-generational events, a favorite of all our residents and staff!!

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